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Hello, we are the Carucci Apostolic Family founders of King of Life, a Kingdom global apostolic network. Our purpose is to challenge others to discover who they are in the eyes of God.
We believe that life is the greatest challenge since reaching the purpose for which we were created by God requires developing all our inherent potential. It all begins when we have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and are led by the Holy Spirit to immerse ourselves in a deep process of transformation from believers to kings. 
For us, every person is different and unique, a King or Queen of God on this earth. When someone joins our global apostolic kingdom network, they are immersed in our four-year transformational system. It is in this system where they review the barriers created throughout their lives, which prevents them from reaching their dreams. Through this, they are challenged to see different alternatives and draw up a plan of action to resolve their conflicts. It helps them become aware of the God-given resources that are already within them that could change their lives forever. 
This transformational system will guide them to develop in seven dimensions to reign: spiritual, ethical, mental, physical, social, productivity, and authority. We will accompany them to discover specific situations, eliminating barriers that hinder the maximization of the potential that God has given them since birth. Throughout this process, we will present other options so they can see life from different perspectives. This will challenge them, as well as allow them to have additional options and new possibilities that exist within the Kingdom of God. They will regain authority over their lives, empowering those talents and gifts and creating a different future for them and their loved ones.
We will help them leave behind all the burdens through powerful biblical kingdom principles and create a better future with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, if you are willing to accept the challenge of experiencing an abundant life, we are here to guide you through the transformation process.
Jose, Nelly, Gabriel, and Jonathan Carucci

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" I’m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity. "
Tommy Rivers
UI / UX Designer

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