The purpose of this ministry is to reach out to people that have not been able to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour and belong to His Royal family. We want anyone into our radio of influence to have the chance to learn the privileges, benefits and responsibilities attached to accepting Jesus as Redeemer and King of their lives.

Generation of Kings

This ministry aims to help our church’s members to reaffirm their identity as children of God. To make this happens, they go through four sequential levels. Each level allows them to understand biblical lives principles that, when practised, provokes life transformation.

School Life in the Kingdom.

This ministry is intended to help our church members reaffirm their identity as children of God and experience healthy growth and development. 

For this, the church members go through ten sequential courses that help them heal wounds from the past and restore those areas of their lives by integrating and applying principles on how the Kingdom of God operates.

Once a believer learns and lives according to the Kingdom principles, it is essential to living an experience of healthy personal growth. Hence, each member can through ten sequential courses helping them especially to heal wounds from past experiences so they can live to the maximum level of their God-given potential. 

School of Kings

With the School of Kings, we intend to help every believer allow the Holy Spirit to form Christ character in them. We have designed 20 sequential to achieve this purpose. 

School of Productivity

School of Productivity intends to create a proper environment for the financial prosperity of every member of our churches. In every session of the School of Productivity, every believer has the chance to discover their potentiality and is challenged to implement personal life projects to increase their earnings and assets.

We help them create wealth to become agents of change to the places they live and to their circle of influence. For this goal, they go through 10 sequential courses where they learn how to relate with money and the importance of the purpose for it.

King Keepers.

This ministry is designed to protect, shape, and develop the next generations. Its focus is working with children and young people to help them form their identity as children and kings of God and help them develop all the potential with which they have been equipped by God since birth.